Juice purification

The primary purpose of juice purification is to separate the impurities dissolved in the raw juice as much as possible. The procedures and substances employed for this should be such that the sugars will not be damaged and no new substances should be introduced that would hinder further processing of the juices.

The juice purification procedure fundamentally follows classic juice purification. However, it has many proven details that become apparent in its design and in the specifics of its process. The juice purification is designed such that the process can be adapted to the customer’s own situation.

We, Glaß & Wolff, supply complete systems with all components.

The delivery contents consist of the following:

  • Raw juice tank
  • Preliming
  • Defeco-carbonatation tank
  • Cold main liming
  • Hot main liming
  • Carbonation 1
  • First Carbonation juice tank
  • First Carbonation slurry tank
  • Lime juice tank before Carbonation 2
  • Filtrate 1 tank
  • Carbonation 2
  • Crystallizer juice tank after Carbonation 2
  • Second Carbonation juice tank
  • Foam tank
  • Static mixer