Stick washer

The Glaß & Wolff stick washers are constructed as single or double-shaft stick washers. The machines consist of a robust housing in which the shaft is supported on sturdy bearings. The shafts are driven directly by a geared motor that is flanged onto them. The inlet/outlet can be done from the end and/or from the side. The beets are conveyed wet with the flume or dry on a conveyor belt into the washer.

With the addition of wash water and by adjusting the water level in the machine, the washing intensity and processing power can be set in relation to a frequency-controlled operation. In the bottom of the trough there are sieve trays and sludge funnels welded to the outer wall. The dissolved slurry that accumulates in the hoppers is pumped out for further use in an adjustable cycle. The agitators are mounted to the shaft with massive screw-mounted clamps. The agitators, which consist mostly of thick-walled pipes, can also be replaced by conveyor paddles. This allows for additional transportation and an increase in capacity. The cudgel washes can also be provided with a dewatering section, which is sealed off by a partition wall in the trough. A dry ejection to a subsequent conveyor belt is then possible.