Stone washer

During the separation of stones, clay, sand, etc. from production, a great deal of organic matter or even entire beets may also be discharged with existing equipment.

The separated mixture leads to increasing problems for the operator, owing to increasingly stringent environmental regulations. With the stone washing and separating drum, the mineral part is discharged clean and free of organic contaminants.

In the washing compartment, the clay is dissolved and taken to the slurry tank with the washing water. The washed stones and sand can easily be set aside for further use. It is even possible to sell the washed stones.

The compact Glaß & Wolff drum stone washer and separator is implemented as a rotary drum. The stable base frame can be installed directly on the customer’s own foundation. An additional foundation is not needed.

The washing compartment is covered with a rubber lining. The lining is designed for long- lasting, hard-wearing operation. A drum stone separator for separating stones and gravel is integrated with the drum. At the end of the drum stone washer and separator, a lifting wheel made of perforated sheeting or a simple overflow can be installed.