Glaß & Wolff pump technology adapts to the requirements of the customer. The pump is constructed by our specialists with consideration of the conditions at hand. Glaß & Wolff pumps have a service-friendly design, so all components are easy to check and replace.

A robust pump design, built for the toughest conditions, allows the transport of solid particles (depending on the pump size) with a grain size of up to Ø 254 mm. These pump designs guarantee long-lasting, hard-wearing operation.

By deciding to employ Glaß & Wolff pumps, the construction requirements of the customer will be implemented in such a way that performance and gentle product handling will meet demands.

The focus of Glaß & Wolff pump technology lies in the following areas:

  • Sugar industry
  • Vegetable industry
  • Non-metallic mineral processing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Salt processing
  • Cement industry
  • Mining / coal
  • Raw material recycling