Mobile washing

The compact and mobile Glaß & Wolff washer is constructed as a modular system in which all components are optional and can later be retrofitted at the client’s request. This way, adaptation to changing operating conditions and performance requirements can be guaranteed.

Technically and technologically, the Glaß & Wolff washing system is the best-developed system currently available on the market. A sophisticated water management system with integrated waste water disposal and low overall energy usage distinguishes the Glaß & Wolff washing system.

In our overall design, all organic components are sent for further fermentation. A dry waste disposal is deliberately omitted, in order to save system operators further disposal costs for loose soil with a large quantity of organic material.

The discharge system from the storage hopper can be controlled via a frequency converter and can be adjusted manually to match the desired processing performance. Beet processing capacities of up to 100 t/h have already been achieved with the Glaß & Wolff washing system. At this high processing performance, the washing time is very low and so accordingly is the final yield of beets. The beets fall from the hopper directly into a gully which, after the transport water is supplied, mixes the beets and carries them to the Glaß & Wolff compact system. The compact system has three functions:

  • Loose stones and sand are separated out of the mixture by a drum stone separator with a sophisticated water management system. Separation takes place based on the density of the individual parts.
  • After the stone catch section, the beets are moved via guiding plates to the wash section. Through displacement and recirculation, special fittings ensure the intensive cleaning of the beets. At the end of the washing system, a high pressure spray system is installed. Difficult to clean grooves in the beets are post washed with widely spaced water jets.
  • The cleaned beets are deposited at the end of the drum washer via a sieve onto a conveyor belt for further processing. All the water used in the process is purified through a screen belt filter, which removes organic components and returns them for further processing.

Mobile or stationary

In the event that the beet tonnage to be washed is, or is expected to be, too large, or a mobile washer is not required, Glaß and Wolff offer stationary washing systems, individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

Contract washing

Furthermore, Glaß & Wolff offers contract washing for customers who would like to use beets on a trial basis, or where the quantity/tonnage does not justify the purchase of a mobile or stationary washing system.