Soil removal drum

With the reception of beets, adhering soil also enters the sugar refinery. Prewashing beets with Glaß & Wolff soil removal equipment reduces the proportion of soil before the beets are transported to the beet washing system. This contributes to a reduction of unwanted odours during soil treatment.

For this purpose, a soil removal drum or a roller table are used. Both types are characterised by their high quality and economy as well as reliable and low-maintenance operation.

The machines work effectively and safely under both dry and wet conditions. The parts that come into contact with produce are equipped with a beet-friendly plastic coating.

The Glaß & Wolff soil removal drum is constructed with a rotary tube design. Wire cables are strung between the drum segments, which are themselves connected to one another by pipes. The soil removal drum is stored with its drum segments on two powered and two unpowered heavy duty wheels.