Floating debris separator

The Glaß & Wolff floating debris separator is installed in wash channels. The floating debris separator consists of a steep conveyor belt, which is connected to the end drum in the flume. Directly behind the conveyor belt, an oscillating retention gate is mounted to the gully. The flume is dammed before the conveyor belt. Floating debris such as wood, cans, PET bottles, etc. collects in front of the conveyor belt.

The floating debris is carried on large cleats screwed onto the conveyor belt, under the end drum and onto the back of the belt. A surface flow runs counter to the main current via the retention gate behind the floating debris separator. Floating debris is removed from the water via the cleats on the back of the belt and deposited into a removal chute next to the head of the belt.

In a modified form, the floating debris separator can also be installed on sinking tanks or stick washers.