Engineering / Consulting – competence and experience in core processes

Many years of know-how from our numerous projects make Glaß & Wolff a competent and sought-after partner for the sugar and vegetable industry. Glaß & Wolff offers optimal, tailored solutions to match your needs. Glaß & Wolff have proved their competency in countless engineering projects, from planning new facilities to expansions and rehabilitation.

Scope of services

We have a particular focus on capacity expansion and process optimisation. Glaß & Wolff’s team of experts provides consultations on all of these topics with the aim of investigating the potential for short-term optimisation with the customer and making that optimisation viable. For more extensive work, studies are offered for prototyping, design and basic engineering. The exact scope of the studies can be tailored for each individual case.


Due to the dimensions and complexity of the machinery and equipment manufactured by Glaß & Wolff, we often cannot deliver assembled products. In such an event, we offer full on-site assembly. This is carried out by Glaß & Wolff assembly technicians.

Alternatively, we also offer monitored assembly with a post-assembly inspection by a Glaß & Wolff foreman. In such cases, the customer carries out assembly using their own technicians or with the support of our service providers. The Glaß & Wolff assembly team provides the skilled installation, following Glaß & Wolff’s guidelines and recommendations, which is necessary to reduce risk. With this procedure, trouble-free operation is ensured from the outset. Within the scope of the above assembly options, Glaß & Wolff also offers repair, maintenance and conversion from other manufacturers.