Jet wash roller table

The Glaß & Wolff jet wash roller table is built on a sturdy support frame. The machine width and the number of shafts are variable. The jet wash roller table can be used for high-pressure washing as well as a dewatering roller table. The structure of the Glaß & Wolff jet wash roller table distinguishes itself particularly in the construction of the shaft. In our design, the shaft nuts and sealing packages are completely relocated from the dirty side to the outside.

The special split seals can quickly and easily be replaced while the shafts are assembled. With Glaß & Wolff jet washes, it is even possible to retighten the lock nuts from outside while the shafts are assembled. The threads of the shafts (sealed away from dirt) can be lubricated without any great difficulty. Even swapping the shafts is a fast task using our simple modular system.

The roller screen plates are moulded from a special wear-resistant rubber. Using a star-shaped geometry, the beets are spread across the entire surface of the machine and conveyed in a single layer. During handling, the beets are also rotated. There are special nozzle assemblies installed in the jet wash, of a variable number. These nozzle assemblies have high pressure flexible hoses with special ceramic nozzles. The beets, which are rotated while being conveyed under the nozzle assemblies, come into contact with the powerful jet spray from all sides.