Drum type gravel and sand catcher

The Glaß & Wolff drum type gravel and sand catcher consists of a solid housing basin where the drum is supported on two thick spherical roller bearings.

The housing basin serves as a connecting element to the flumes and as a sediment and water collection tank, which supplies water to the drip trays. The drums are constructed on an annular channel design. The gravel and sand capture pockets, which vary in size and dimensions depending on the size of the construction, are linked with the water scoops and an internal annular channel system. The water needed is filtered through a strainer into the drum. Sand particles settle in the housing trough.

With this system, the drum type gravel and sand catcher is not reliant on an external water supply.

The scoops remove the water found in the housing basin and carry it in the drum’s direction of rotation through the annular channels to the gravel and sand capture pockets. The settled sand found at the bottom of the basin is also lifted through welded comb strips with the transport water and transported in the annular channel to the gravel and sand traps. The water flows out of the gravel and sand traps and is adjustable to the desired flotation strength through the drum speed or a simple cross-sectional reduction. The flow of the buoying water determines the degree of separation. With the flotation water, the organic components that are swept along with the transportation water through the gravel and sand trap drum are lifted to the surface. Due to their specific gravity, pebbles and sand fall against the flow of the flotation water into the removal scoops. By means of further rotation of the drum, the sand and gravel particles are discharged from the machine through a removal chute for further uses.